Take a Virtual Tour of Europe: Well-Known Rick Steves’ Travel Show Offers 100+ Full Episodes & More on YouTube!

Too busy for that dream vacation? Can’t afford a trip right now? Well, the good news is you don’t have to buy a plane ticket to explore Europe.

I’m happy to share that Rick Steves, the well-known travel writer, tour guide, and television host, has officially uploaded over 100 full episodes of his show and lots more on the Rick Steves’ Europe YouTube Channel.

You’ve probably seen his yellow books in travel sections, or come across his show on local PBS stations. Now you can explore the show and Europe on demand.

Have an interest in Greece? There’s a show for that. Have an interest in Portugal? There’s a show for that. I could go on… And you can easily pick and choose destinations and additional topics via his YouTube playlists, including blog videos and travel lectures.

The shows are a nice mix of part sightseeing, part cultural education. They are especially engaging if you are interested in the show’s chosen destination. I find that Rick Steves’ Europe has beautiful camera work, well-written scripts and regular doses of cheesy and charming humor.

I’ve enjoyed a number of the show’s episodes, and happened to be following Rick’s facebook page when the latest season (season 9) was released on YouTube. So I got special access to the newest shows sooner than most.

I have a pretty big interest in the United Kingdom, and in the latest season he had three episodes  (West England , Southeast England , England’s Cornwall ) that I remember quite enjoying.

One of the first episodes I remember watching was the one(s) on Paris. It was a really nice European escape for me.

Overall though, three of the most memorable shows for me are:

• France’s Dordogne

Venice: City of Dreams

Venice & its Lagoon




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