VIA Rail Nails Their Latest Commercial

I’m so proud/happy/positive that VIA Rail was able put together this new ‘Love the way’ ad of theirs.

It’s a fun and compelling pitch for rail travel; but also public transit, cycling, skateboarding, and other non-car options.

I really hope we are turning the corner on car transportation as a society, and seeing how bad (in so many ways) cars really are.

This is the type of (transportation) commercial that finally competes with your stereotypical car commercial. I’m guessing electric bike companies (a serious alternative to cars) will also learn from this effective ad.

This fantastic commercial puts cars in their proper place, and encourages us to think differently about how we get from point A to point B.

I think VIA Rail still has some serious work to do on the overall train experience, but the good news is they seem to have found their stride in advertising.


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