Interested in Smaller Homes & Smarter Living? Subscribe to these 3 YouTube Channels!

One of my top interests this past year has been the philosophy and creative possibilities behind “tiny homes.”

And having access to hundreds of great videos to watch on YouTube certainly fuels the fire.

Watching the process and story behind how people develop and build their smaller (and more affordable) homes has not only been fascinating, it’s also fantastic video entertainment – No cable required!

As part of my media routine I’ve been subscribing to YouTube Channels so that I can know when a new video is posted.

Three outstanding YouTube Channels you must check out if you have an interest in living smaller and smarter are: 1) Exploring Alternatives 2) Kristen Dirksen 3) Living Big In A Tiny House.

Be sure to check out each page’s playlists as well, if you have a particular interest in subcategories of tiny homes (i.e. vans, RVs, tiny homes).

Exploring Alternatives

The nice thing with Exploring Alternatives is that they release a new video every Sunday, so it’s something to look for.

Kristen Dirksen
The nice thing about Kristen Dirksen’s videos is they are almost like mini documentaries – much longer than your average YouTube video.

Living Big In A Tiny House
This is my latest YouTube Channel discovery, and I’ve been enjoying the videos so far. It feels more like an HGTV television show.

* * *

I’ll be on the lookout for more tiny home channels, but right now I’ve got plenty of content to keep me entertained and inspired.

Please leave a comment if you have a favorite not listed here.